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Washington to earmark $billion to isolate Hamas

Palestinian Information Center
July 1, 2003

American national security advisor Condoleezza Rice has revealed that her administration would invest hundreds of millions of dollars in various West Bank and Gaza Strip areas, according to Zionist sources.

The sources said that Rice surprised Palestinian Authority finance minister Salam Fayyadh and the director of the Zionist premier’s office along with other American officials with that revelation.

The sources quoted Rice as saying that the sum might reach one billion dollars to be spent on reconstruction of various infrastructures in the Palestinian areas such as new roads, hospitals, relief and human assistance institutions and others.

She said that those institutions would be meant to counterbalance similar organizations financed by the Hamas Movement.

The American official said that it was about time for the Palestinians to sense some benefits for the Road-map plan so that they would start fighting Hamas, according to her words.

Rice spoke of something like the Marshal Plan (in post-war Europe) to restore infrastructures and to initiate new projects in the Palestinian areas.

She stressed that the American administration would not seek any compromise solution with Hamas and would continue in international efforts to isolate the Movement and deprive it of financial resources in cooperation with “partners” in the Arab, Islamic and European countries.

The American administration has completely identified itself with the Zionist demands in wiping out the Palestinian resistance represented in the Hamas Movement.