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Tourism boycott hits Israel in both directions -
Tourists boycott Israel & Israeli tourists are now boycotted!

Irish Hotel Boycotts Israeli Tourists
October 03, 2002

An Israeli citizen has revealed how a Co Kerry hotelier refused to accommodate him and his family because of the Israeli government’s treatment of the Palestinians.

Arieh Bender, a journalist from one of Israel’s biggest newspapers, said he sent an e-mail to Killarney Lakeland Cottages in Muckross last week to inquire about accommodation for a party of nine.

He received a reply from someone called Brian O’Shea saying “we are not accepting bookings from Israeli citizens due to the treatment of Palestinians by the Israeli government”.

Speaking from Jerusalem today, Mr Bender said he was offended to be told that his custom was not welcome simply because he was an Israeli.

He said Mr O’Shea made no distinction between Israelis who support their government’s policies and those who oppose them.

The hotelier told Mr Bender that his decision was based on political principle and not on any anti-Jewish beliefs, but the Israeli said he now feels Ireland is not the welcoming land he was led to believe it was.

Mr Bender said he is now considering taking his holiday somewhere else in Europe.


Interview With Boycotted Israeli Tourist

( Jerusalem Post Radio, Dave Bender 3 October 2003 )

Amusing interview jumps from the absurdity of trying to draw parallels with the Biblical story of Jesus - "reason given for lack of space at the inn..." to the more usual slur of anti-Semitism and shamelessly dredging up the holocaust - "child of holocaust survivors says it reminds him of the darkest days of Europe". The interesting bit is at the end where the interviewer admits that this isn't an isolated incident - Israeli tourists have been facing similar boycotts all over Europe for the past two years.