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"The letter of Hüda Kaya"
    Malatya /E-Type Prison 

    Beginning With The Name Of ALLAH, 

    Assalamu Alaikum, 

    The people of Malatya who demonstrated against the banning of the hijab in Malatya University, have faced incredibly bad treatment. Thousands of people have suffered it. 

    The police have attacked at night and taken away young girls and women. The police use torture against the people - even at the age of 13-14 and treat the people as if all of them are suspected. Now, in Malatya, there is no-one sure of his life. While all this is happening, the pro-government media stays so silent. 

    The oppression against hijab is the result of the secularist militarist mind. The owners of this mindset are afraid of the Muslims struggling against tyrants. That's why they are raising the level of oppression. 

    This is a very important event in the history of this country. They have arrested 210 people including 28 women. This is the most crowded trial in Turkey's history. We must all consider that the tyrants are trying to ban hijab even on the streets. We can understand it from the latest "Council of State" decision about hijab. 

    We were arrested under s. 312/1 of the Penal Code, but our trial is under s.146/2. 

    s. 312 is about creating divisions in society. The maximum punishment is 3 years. 

    s. 146/2 is about changing the constitutional system. Its punishment is the death penalty. Ocalan the PKK leader is also judged by it. 

    Hüda Kaya 

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