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18 year old Gulan Intisar Saatcioglu
facing death penalty for reading her poem - "Song of Freedom"

The report of the IHRC legal observer into the trial of Huda Kaya and 74 other peaceful demonstrators charged with trying to overthrow the Turkish constitution by force is now available below. 

One of those charged is Gulan Intisaar Saatcioglu an 18 year old high school student. The evidence against her is the writing and recitation of the poem "Song of Freedom" outside the Governor"s building during the demonstration. Together with Kaya and 49 of the others, if found guilty she faces the death penalty. The youngest of this group is 15 years old.  

We are from mountain and plateau 

Working the machines, studying at school 

Our fight will go on 

Until the tyrants drown 

The ignited flame will not die  

Nor our song of freedom end, 

Our fists held high in defiance 

Will never come down  

Before the tyrants are overthrown. 

Come join us sisters young and old 

Our cries increase aloud 

To ensure Allah's Word prevails 

And infidelity fails. 

Never will the burning flame die out, 

Or our song of freedom end. 

Our defiant fists will not 

Fall before the tyrants are overthrown.

Gulan Intisaar Saatcioglu

Report of IHRC legal observer to Huda Kaya trial 

How £5 can make a difference

Funds raised specifically through the sale of "Gems from the Holy Qur'an" (suggested donation £5/$8)  enabled IHRC to send a legal observer to the case of Huda Kaya and the Malatya 75. Innovative Minds would like to thank all those who bought the software and to those who actively promote it with a link banner on their site. But Brothers and Sisters this is just the start of the struggle, help  IHRC to continue the campaign for our Brothers and Sisters in Turkey - please donate generously. 

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