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Huda Kaya & Malatya 75 Released !

Sister Huda Kaya the journalist, her three daughters and the other Malatya protestors have been released from prison in Turkey.

Huda Kaya, her daughters and 75 other Malatya muslims were arrested earlier this year for participating in a peaceful demonstration against the hijab ban in turkey and faced a possible death sentence if found guilty of charges against them.

Huda Kaya and the others were released on 30th November 1999. Some have been convicted and given 2 - 4 year sentences. All however are released on bail, pending appeals to clear their names.

A protest letter writing campaign (to the UNHC for Human Rights and others) was launched, and with the money raised from sale of "Gems from the Holy Quran" software the Islamic Human Rights Commission sent a legal observer to their trial in the summer. His report was then taken up by the UN who filed their own report subsequently.

We wish to thank all of you who wrote letters of protest, and helped the campaign for their release in other ways. The campaign to free the other prisoners continues - we need your continued support.

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