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[London, Saturday 15th Feb 2003]

Over 2 million people - the nation says No War on Iraq and demands Freedom for Palestine

February 15th saw some of the largest demonstration in history with over 30 million people participating all around the world. Their message was simple - "No war on Iraq" and "Freedom for Palestine". In Rome alone there were over 3 million protesters. In the UK there were several demonstrations, the key ones being in London and Glasgow. The Glasgow one attracted over 100,000 people. Here we cover the London demonstration.

The London demonstration was organised by a multitude of groups, the main ones being the Muslim Association of Britain and the Stop the War Coalition. With over 2 million people attending it was easily the largest protest the UK has ever seen. The crowds were too large for a single march so there were several marches with different starting points and routes, all of them converging on Hyde Park for a huge rally. The crowds at Hyde Park listened to some excellent speakers including Jesse Jackson, Ken Livingstone, George Galloway and Tony Benn.

Here we give a photo account of the march and rally. Unfortunately this time we do not have the audio of the speeches.

A group of Muslims pray Zuhr prayer
(with their backs to the Houses of Parliament),
before crossing the river Thames to join the demonstration.

The march passing Westminister - the seat of the British Parliament.
The people demand to be heard.



Children Against The War

Parents understood the importance of the rally in the education of their children and children of all aged were represented at the rally.


Above the crowd,
a young girl on her fathers shoulders near Piccadilly Circus.

Mother and daughter against the war,
graphically highlight the results of war

"Oxford children for peace"

The board behind the "tank" has the mothers message:
"Yes the sight of my son in a tank makes me feel sick too!!!
We are NOT at war, are you?".
The baby's message written on the "tank" reads:
"I am 2 today, will Bush & Blair let me be 3 ?"

Even children see through the lies and refuse to follow Blair:
"We will not be Ba Ba Blair Sheep"

A mother exhausted by the long march sits on the lawn
at Hyde Park with her child. Her banner reads
"My Heart says Smoke Bush not Iraq"



Crowds supporting the twin aims of the march -
Freedom for Palestine & No War against Iraq

People are fed up with US interference in the running of the world.
Simple message to the US: US stay in US



The Terrorists & The Criminals

A wanted poster showing George Bush
charged with "crimes against the planet".
The poster is framed with the words
"Serial Killer"in blood stained red.

Bush and Blair are war criminals

Placard names the real terrorists of the world



Why should the innocent in Iraq
pay the price of Bush's war?

This man cuts through the government propaganda
and shares with us the basic truth of the attack.



Jews Against Zionism

One of the placards of the organisation
"Jews Against Zionism" shows a more accurate flag of what the zionist state is about.
Once when David Ben Gurion, Israel's first prime minister, was asked to define Israels borders he replied where ever the Israeli army reaches - thats our border.
[see full article]


Patchwork banner representing
"Jews Against Zionism"
- yes they do exist and Muslims could do
a lot worse than form strategic alliances
with them in the struggle against zionism.


"End Israeli Occupation"

"Freedom for Palestine"


No War !

The placard reads "No War! We're not with stupid"
with an arrow underneath pointing to George Bush
who is shown holding the book "Presidency for Dummies"

"War is ..."

No to War, protesters climb
Nelsons Column at Trafalgar Square.

A Metropolitan police notice joins the anti-war movement!



Chris Eubank, ex World Middleweight Boxing Champion, at Trafalgar Square supporting
the protest in his parked truck. His message as displayed at the back of the truck read:
"Message for Tony Blair & George Bush:
Integrity is the only course - not war!
Reason should be our only weapon"



Bush Humour

"Stop Mad Cowboy Disease"

"A village in Texas is missing an idiot"

Bush the father of the Taliban!


Hundreds of signatures each on a separate coloured paper
pinned to the banner which reads "Not In My Name"



Icon from the Past

Powerful iconic photo from the Anti-Vietnam War Movement

The photo is cleverly split in to two placards representing War and Peace. The original photo was taken by the french photographer Marc Riboud in 1967 at an anti-war demo outside the Pentagon. It shows Jan Rose Kasmir placing a flower in the barrel of a soldier's rifle.


Placard Message: Sharon, Bush & Blair
different faces of the same imperialism.

"Axes" of Evil


Lesson in Islam

Ignorance of Islam leads to prejudice and hatred.
One man, armed with his placard, decided to do something about it. His succinct message as jotted down on the two sides of his placard is shown below:



The Daily Mirror was the only newspaper to support the rally.
The "Think" placard on the right - Uncle Sam's recruitment
poster with the words "I want you to do die for oil!
has a worthy URL printed above it (in pink) -
Visit it for accurate news and analysis of whats going on.



Message For Blair

Blair in a tea cup "Make Tea Not War"

Message to British Prime Minister:
"Blair Dont Be A Puppet To A Muppet".
One Englishman being interviewed said
"We didn't vote for Bush so
why are we following Bush?"



The sea of supporters for Palestine
reaches Piccadilly Circus.

Dont Attack Iraq



Make Love Not War

Being the day after Valentines Day the theme of love was not forgotten:


The Arabic on the banner translates to
"There is no god (or power) but the One God
and Muhammad is the messenger of God".
The belief in this statement defines a Muslim.
The practice of this statement defines a Momin.


No War For Oil

No War For Oil


Reference to the US theft and control
of the worlds resources starting with oil.

CND members from the picket outside USAF Fairford in Gloucestershire. US B2 Stealth Bomber (model shown above) along with B1 and B-52 Bombers from the airforce base were used last time in the carpet bombing of Iraq. These bombers are nuclear capable and may drop B61-11 "mini-nukes" on Baghdad. For more information please visit CND Bristol


Rally at Hyde Park

With millions attending, the best views were reserved for the tree tops

Millions attend the rally in Hyde Park. The speakers podium is in the purple marquee, the giant flat screen is on the left (facing the crowds), the vans forming a circle behind the podium are mainly TV crews from all around the world.



Speakers At The Rally

Speaking at the rally the Mayor of London,
Ken Livingstone


The crowds favourite speaker,
George Galloway, Member of Parliament.


Knightsbridge for Peace