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"I invite Muslims all over the globe
to consecrate the last Friday
of the holy month of Ramadhan as
'Quds Day'
and to proclaim the international
solidarity of Muslims
in support of the legitimate rights
of the Muslim people of Palestine."

Imam Khomeini,
Ramadhan 1399AH ( August 1979)

Quds Day is a day Muslims from all around the world show their support for the oppressed Muslims of the world and in particular Palestine. Rallies are held in every capital of the world.

The details of this years Quds Day Rally are given below. Please show your support by attending. It is through lack of Unity and a sense of apathy that we muslims have lost everything. The collective strength Islamic Unity can bring is summed up in a famous quote of Imam Khomeini's:

"If each Muslim were to pour out
(just) one bucket of water,
there would be a flood
to wash away zionism."

Please come to the rally - your presence DOES make a difference!

We should be inspired to attend by remembering Br. Nurettin Sirin. He is currently imprisoned in Turkey for 17 and a half years for helping the Quds Day Rally in Sincan in 1997. Seventeen and a half years and yet he has no regrets - how much are we prepared to sacrifice? Surely we can all spare just one afternoon?

QUDS DAY 1422 / 2001

For LONDON the Quds Day Rally details are as follows:

Date: Sunday 9th December 2001
Time: 11:15 am
Meeting point: Marble Arch, Hyde Park Corner.
Closest Underground station: Marble Arch

March will set off at 11:45 am sharp and culminate at Whitehall Place. Rally at Whitehall Place on arrival.



For TORONTO the Quds Day Rally details are as follows:

Date: Saturday 15th December 2001
Time: 1:30 pm
Meeting point: Queen's Park.

Rally starts at Queen's Park followed by a march to the American Consulate.


Palestine House: (905) 270-3622;
Canadian Arab Fed.: 416-493-8635; Saber at 905-884-2237

Additional Infomation

Download Rally Leaflet
(links to Muslim Youth Association website)


For WASHINGTON DC the Quds Day Rally details are at present very sketchy, if you can help clarify them then please email us:

Date: Friday 14th December 2001
Time: ?
Meeting point: ?




Additional Infomation


For BERLIN the Quds Day Rally was on Sat 8th Dec 2001.