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On a frozen Sunday morning in London, Thousands rally for Quds Day

QUDS DAY 1422/2001
London 9th December 2001

Quds Day is a day Muslims from all around the world show their support for the oppressed Muslims of the world and in particular Palestine. Rallies are held in every capital of the world.
Voice of Quds Day

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"I invite Muslims all
over the globe
to consecrate
the last Friday of the holy
month of Ramadhan as

'Quds Day'

and to proclaim the international solidarity of Muslims in support of the legitimate rights of the Muslim people of Palestine."

Imam Khomeini,
Ramadhan 1399AH (August 1979)

Congregational Prayers at Hyde Park, before the march

The march commences from Marble Arch towards Whitehall
- the seat of the British Government

"We are here to say No to israeli terrorism,
We are here to say no to injustice
which has taken place the last 50 years.
We are here to say that we don't want
any more apartheid state in the world,
the last apartheid state, israel is to be dismantled
like the one in South Africa
then we can all build shoulder to shoulder
and begin to put our lives together.
And there is no point in talking about
a two state system because what's the point
if they implement the same thing in South Africa,
if they still have an apartheid state
in half of South Africa,
that would have still been a continuation
of conflict between the two states.
What we need is to remove this ideology
of zionism because unless we do that,
that that will create conflict continuously
as it has for the last 50 years"

Massoud Shadjareh
Chairman of Islamic Human Rights Commission

Something the West's foreign policy refuses to register:
"True peace is not merely the absence of tension,
It is the presence of Justice"

Simple message even a child can understand,
but not Bush or Sharon:
"STOP killing Muslims"

A Rabbi from the Anti-Zionist Jewish group Neturei Karta
shatters the myth that Zionism has anything to do with Judaism:
"Jews have fought Zionism since its inception"

"Judaism stands completely opposed to Zionism
Zionism although founded by people of Jewish birth
does not make it a Jewish conception,
communism was also founded by people of Jewish birth
but it is not a Jewish conception,
and Zionism is no more Jewish than communism...
We pray daily for the dismantlement of the zionist state (Israel)."

Rabbi Goldstein
from Neturei Karta,
an Anti-Zionist Jewish group

Download (shift-click) speech (real audio 5 min 626Kb)

50 years
meaning of

The US funding of terrorism:
"US Aid to Israel - Terror in Palestine"

The unequal balance between unarmed Palestinians
fighting the best armed army in the world - Israel:
"Stone Versus?"

Rabbis from the Anti-Zionist
Jewish group Neturei Karta,
waving a Palestinian flag:
"World Jewry condemns Zionist atrocities
the world over"


A two year old Muslimah shows her solidarity
with the children of Palestine, so brutally slaughtered by Israel,
"Baby Killers - Israeli Terrorism"
and to
"Liberate Al-Quds"

from the 'red-white blue' Zionist serpent.

".. while the attention of the world
has been fixed upon Afghanistan,
the government of Israel led by a war criminal
who is now fighting to avoid trial in Belgium
has seized the opportunity to intensify
his repression of the Palestinian people...
in fact this word settlements is a deception,
its a misnomer, these habitations are nothing
more than colonial outposts
- they serve the function of expanding and
consolidating Zionism and the Zionist state.
It's a matter of public record that since Oslo in 1993
while the Israeli government is talking peace,
all the while its prime ministers, each one of them,
has been expanding and building new settlements
on the occupied territories"

Faisal Bodi
Editor of,
freelance journalist for The Guardian

Download (shift-click) speech (real audio 8.5min 1Mb)

"Stop Israeli
reads the caption, problem is the West is blind to the terror it sponsors, and commits.

Campaign for Palestinian Rights:
"Stop Israel's War Crimes"

The young Muslimah holds the indictment:
Ariel Sharon
War Criminal
& Terrorist

but who will carry it out?

Non-Muslims join the rally,
they are disgusted at their governments blind support for Israel
"Fight Labour Imperialism
Victory to the Palestinians
Defend the Intifada"

The demonstration of today is a kind of symbol
to express the real connection between the
Ibrahimi faiths - Judaism, Christianity & Islam.
There is no conflict,
this is the promise of Allah Subhana Tala
that the world could come under one
global divine state
as all prophets during history
did not have any kind of conflict
- if you set up a divine state run by the prophets
is there any conflict between prophets
Muhammad, Moses and Jesus ? No.
So the followers are going the same way
- here today we [Muslims, Christians & Jews]
demonstrate our opposition to Zionism

Hujjatul-Islam Dr.Abbas Shameli

Download (shift-click) speech (real audio 2 min 268Kb)

United under the Flags of Quds Day:
The Palestinian Flag,
The Victorious Flag of Hizbullah and
Images of the beloved founder and champion of Quds Day -
Imam Khomeini & Ayatullah Khamenei

"We believe America is NOT
qualified to lead an international
movement against terrorism"

A line from Ayatullah Khamenei's famous
post Sept11 Friday address, the next line read:

"America's hands are soiled with all
the crimes committed by the Zionist regime"

read the full speech here.

At Whitehall,
the seat of the British Government,
the crowd chant
"No Justice, No Peace"
"Justice for Palestine"

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