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PA Helping Zionist Occupiers

More evidence that the PA (Palestinian Authority) like the other Arab client regimes are a hinderence, not a means, to liberation.


PA police erase intifada slogans off the streets of Gaza

Palestinian Information Center
July 7, 2003

Gaza - Palestinian Authority policemen accompanied by municipal workers yesterday started a campaign in Gaza city streets to erase all slogans that were written on the walls during the Aqsa intifada in a preliminary step to wipe out all reminiscent demonstrations of that blessed uprising.

The PA police issued a statement saying that it has decided to remove all slogans and writings off the walls of Gaza city in cooperation with the municipality.

It said that the writings reflected a state of chaos and non-respect of the law in addition to stirring differences at a time when “we are in dire need of unity, public discipline and rule of the law”.

The statement asked citizens to cooperate in the campaign for the sake of public interest.

All Palestinian factions used to write on the walls as a method of declaring their armed operations against occupation or to mourn their martyrs in addition to writing national slogans.

Palestinians used that method in the first intifada that broke out in December 1987 but the PA erased all slogans when it was instated in 1994. Palestinians returned to the same method after eruption of the Aqsa intifada in September 2000.

The police statement also banned the firing of bullets in the air during wedding ceremonies and warned that violators would be arrested and guns would be confiscated.


PA official TV returns to entertainment programs

Palestinian Information Center
July 9, 2003

Ramallah - Senior Zionist officials have expressed satisfaction over the “positive changes” recently introduced in the Palestinian Authority’s media namely the absence of provocation against “Israel”

They particularly pointed to the absence of scenes that depicted Zionist occupation army practices in the Palestinian lands from the PA official TV screens and the return of classic music and entertainment serials in their place.

Hebrew daily ‘Ha’aretz’ yesterday said that PA information minister Nabil Amre had sent a message to PA TV and radio stations on the eve of the truce declared by Palestinian factions including new instructions on content of political programs and news bulletins.

The minister asked for choosing the right words and preparing the atmosphere for the return to negotiations. “All have to be responsible enough not to allow “Israel” the justification to extricate itself from commitments especially withdrawal of its army from our lands”, the message read.

However, the head of the Zionist committee following up provocations said that his government was still waiting for an absolute halt to incitement, explaining that Tel Aviv considered the reiteration of the terms “martyr” and “Jihad” as religious provocation that should be stopped altogether


Dahlan offers security information to the Zionists

Palestinian Information Center
July 9, 2003

Occupied Jerusalem - Palestinian Authority minister of security affairs, Mohammed Dahlan, has offered security information to the Zionist entity on expected Palestinian armed raids, according to Hebrew sources.

The sources quoted Zionist intelligence officials as saying that Dahlan offered conveying security information over Palestinian resistance activity in north of the West Bank despite the fact that security responsibility was not yet transferred to his forces there.

Meanwhile, Dahlan ordered his security elements in the Gaza Strip to collect detailed information on military wings of various Palestinian factions with special emphasis on the Hamas Movement.

Dahlan asked for specific data such as names of members, number of cells, arms and hideouts and frequented places.


Advanced CIA cameras to PA to sabotage resistance

Palestinian Information Center
July 27, 2003

Gaza - Well informed Palestinian Authority security sources have said in private sessions that the PA preventive security apparatus had recently obtained advanced video cameras at a cost of 10,000 dollars per unit.

The security official said that the cameras bought from the American CIA worked in a secret and unnoticed method.

He said that the cameras, taking the shape of ordinary small bags, could be held in the hands or put on the table and work without being noticed.

The official claimed that the cameras were bought in a routine commercial transaction through Zionist merchants and were checked by the Zionist customs.

PA preventive security is one the most hated apparatus in the Palestinian street especially in the West Bank where its former chief Jibril Rejoub had handed Mujahideen and resistance fighters to the Zionist entity.

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