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[Boycott - Cultural]

Palestinian Filmmakers, Artists and Cultural Workers Call for a Cultural Boycott of Israel

www.pacbi.org (Palestinian Campaign for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel)
4 August 2006

Dear Filmmakers & Artists,

During the past few weeks we have borne witness to the escalation of Israeli
aggression into open war on both Palestine and Lebanon.

With Israel’s invasion of Gaza on June 27th, 2006, ministries and educational institutions have been destroyed, as has the plant that supplies nearly 50 percent of Gaza\'s electricity. Bridges, roads, dozens of homes, and hundreds of dunams of agricultural land have also been destroyed. Sixty-four elected Palestinian legislators, cabinet ministers and officials have been detained without charge.

On July 12th, Israel brought its campaign of collective punishment and military violence to Lebanon, with \"Operation Just Reward\". A complete assault, via land, sea, and air, of the Lebanese population and infrastructure has led to total destruction. In just 3 weeks, almost 1 million Lebanese civilians have been displaced and the death toll has reached 900 Lebanese and 160 Palestinians, with a UN count saying one-third of the dead are children.

Additionally, in violation of international law, Israel continues to occupy Gaza, the West Bank (including East Jerusalem), and Syria’s Golan Heights. In violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, Israel continues to hold 9,600 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails and detention centers without due process, among them 130 Palestinian women and 388 children, many of them taken from their homes in the middle of the night.

We, the undersigned Palestinian filmmakers and artists, appeal to all artists and filmmakers of good conscience around the world to cancel all exhibitions and other cultural events that are scheduled to occur in Israel, to mobilize immediately and not allow the continuation of the Israeli offensive to breed complacency. Like the boycott of South African art institutions during apartheid, cultural workers must speak out against the current Israeli war crimes and atrocities.

We call upon the International community to join us in the boycott of Israeli film festivals, Israeli public venues, and Israeli institutions supported by the government, and to end all cooperation with these cultural and artistic institutions that to date have refused to take a stand against the Occupation, the root cause for this colonial conflict.

We call upon you to take a stand in order to appeal to the Israeli people to give up their silence, to abandon their apathy, and to face up to their responsibility in the destruction and killing their elected government is wreaking. To the Lebanese and Palestinians terrorized by this Army\'s planes, bombs and missiles, this silence, apathy and lack of action from Israelis, are regarded as complicit in the ongoing war crimes, as for those Israeli artists, academics and intellectuals who continue to serve in the Israeli army they are directly implicated in these crimes.

We call upon you to give way to action that would replace words spoken too often and forgotten too quickly. We call upon you to make your voices heard in calling for an end to this bloodshed and an end to this oppression that has lasted too long.

To endorse or answer this call for a cultural boycott of Israel please send an email with your name, position and country to pal.filmmakers@gmail.com

Signatures (Alphabetical):

1.AbdelFattah Abu-Srour,Al-Rowwad Cultural Center
2.Abdelsalam Shehadeh,Filmmaker
3.Adila Laidi,Lecturer
4.Ahmed R. S. Qatamesh, Musician/Flutist
5.Ala\' Abu Ghoush,Graphic Designer
6.Alexandra Handal,Artist
7.Ali Nassar,Filmmaker
8.Amer Hlehel, Actor/ director
9.Amer Shomali,Artist
10.Anan Brakat,Filmmaker, Arab Cinema School,
11.Annemarie Jacir,Filmmaker
12.Azza El-Hassan,Filmmaker
13.Bahia Munem,Filmmaker
14.Bashar Ibrahem,Film critic
15.Benaz Batrawi,Filmmaker
16.Betty Shamieh,Writer
17.Buthina Canaan Khoury,Filmmaker
18.Carol Michel,International Center of Bethlehem
19.Cherien Dabis,Filmmaker
20.Dahna Abourahme,Filmmaker
21.Dima Abu Ghoush,Filmmaker
22.Emily Jacir,Artist
23.Enas Muthaffar,Filmmaker
24.Fadi Zmorrod,Artist
25.Faten Farhat,Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center
26.Faten Nastas,Artist
27.Firas Abdelrahman,Filmmaker
28.George Azar,Photojournalist / Cinematographer
29.Ghada Kanafani, Poet
30.Ghada Terawi,Filmmaker
31.Hadeel Karkar,Writer
32.Hafez Moeen Omar, Artist
33.Hala Al-Yamani,Drama Teacher
34.Hanna Atallah,Filmmaker
35.Hanna Elias,Filmmaker
36.Hanna Musleh,Filmmaker
37.Hany Abu-Assad,Filmmaker
38.Haya Al-Jareedy,Filmmaker
39.Hayan Charara,Writer
40.Hazim Bitar,Filmmaker
41.Hussein Isbitani, Actor
42.Iman Aoun,Ishtar Theatre
43.Iman Hammouri,Popular Art Centre
44.In\'am El-Obeidi,Media Department, Birzeit University.,
45.Ismail Habbash,Filmmaker
46.Jamil Daraghmeh,Photographer
47.Jibril Awad,Filmmaker
48.John Halaka,Artist
49.Juliano Mer Khamis,Actor & Director
50.Kamal Boullata,Artist
51.Karma Abu-Sharif,Writer
53.Khaled Hourani,Artist
54.Khaled Jubran,Musician
55.Khaled Katamish,Dancer
56.Lana Zreik,Movement Director and Actress
57.Larissa Sansour,Artist
58.Leila Sansour,Filmmaker
59.Liana Badr,Filmmaker
60.Liana Saleh,Filmmaker
61.Lina Bokhary,Artist
62.Lisa Suhair Majaj, Writer, Palestine/Cyprus
63.Lois Nakhleh,Artist
64.Mahmoud Massad,Filmmaker
65.Mai Masri,Filmmaker
66.Manal Issa,A.M.Qattan Foundation
67.Marwan Abado,Musician
68.Maysoun Rafeedie, Dancer
69.Mazen Saade,Filmmaker & Writer
70.Michel Khleifi,Filmmaker
71.Miguel Littin,Filmmaker
72.Moeen Omar, Artist
73.Nabila Irshaid,Artist
74.Nada El-Yassir,Filmmaker
75.Nader Jalal,Palestinian Institute for Cultural Development (nawa)
76.Nahed Awwad,Filmmaker
77.Najwa Najjar,Filmmaker
78.Nida Sinnokrot,Artist
79.Nizar Hassan,Filmmaker
80.Noora Baker,Dancer
81.Omar Barghouti,Dance choreographer
82.Omar Qattan,Filmmaker
83.Osama Al-Zain,Filmmaker
84.Osama Qashoo, Filmmaker
85.Radi Shehadeh,Theatre director
86.Raed Helou, Filmmaker
87.Raeda Ghazaleh, Theatre director, Palestine/ UK
88.Rana Bishara,Artist
89.Rania Elias- Khoury,Yabous Productions
90.Rashid Masharawi,Filmmaker
91.Rawda Atallah,Arab Cultural Association- Nazareth
92.Reem Fadda,Palestinian Association of Contemporary Art
93.Rim Banna,Singer/ Song writer
94.Riyad Deis,Filmmaker
95.Rowan Al Faqih,Filmmaker
96.Rula Halawani,Artist/photographer
97.Rula Khoury,Curator/ Art coordinator
98.Saed Andoni,Filmmaker
99.Saleh Bakri,Actor
100.Salim Abu Jabal,Writer
101.Salwa Mikdadi,Curator
102.Sama Alshaibi,Artist/ Professor, Palestine/USA,
103.Sameh Zoabi,Filmmaker
104.Sami Bukhari,Artist
105.Samia A. Halaby,Artist
106.Samieh Jabbarin,Film/Theatre director
107.Samirah Alkassim, Film Program at AUC, Palestine/USA
108.Shadi Zmorrod,The First Palestinian Circus School
109.Sobhi al-Zobaidi,Filmmaker
110.Suha Barghouti,Popular Art Centre
111.Suheir Hammad, Poet
112.Suleiman Mansour,Artist
113.Suzy Salamy,Filmmaker
114.Taghreed Mishael,Filmmaker
115.Tarek Bishara,Actor/Screenwriter
116.Tariq Shadid, The Musical Intifadah
117.Ula Tabari,Filmmaker
118.Vera Tamari,Artist
119.Vladimir Tamari,Artist
120.Wafa Jamil,Filmmaker
121.Walid Abu Bakr,Writer
122.Yahya Barakat,Filmmaker
123.Yazan Al-Khalili, Photographer

International Supporters:

1.Abdel Halim Ghazaly , Egypt
2.Adrian Grima, Writer, Malta
3.Adrian Mitchell, Poet/ Playwright, UK
4.Adrian Mitchell, Poet/Playwright, UK
5.Adriana Auderset, Switzerland
6.Ahmed Shoka, Psychiatrist & Media Consultant, UK
7.Aicha Lemsine : Writer, Algeria
8.Ajay Bhardwaj, Filmmaker, India
9.Akif Emre, Writer/ Filmmaker, Turkey
10.Alain Bottarelli, Switzerland
11.Aleana Egan, Artist
12.Allan Siegel, Filmmaker/ Writer, Budapest
13.Amberly Gorman, Artist, USA
14.Amjad Faur, Artist, USA
15.Ammiel Alcalay, Writer/Translator, USA
16.Andy Rector, Filmmaker/Critic, USA
17.Angela O\'Hara, Filmmaker, Canada
18.Anjalika Sagar, Artist, UK
19.Anna Maria Aslanoglu, Dancer, Turkey
20.Annalisa Pelizza, Italy
21.Anne Tsoulis, Writer, Australia
22.Anthony Alessandrini, USA
23.Antonia Carver, Writer/ Editor, UK/UAE
24.Architects & Planners for Justice in Palestine, UK
25.Art Tibaldo, Filmmaker (Visual Ethnographer), Philippines
26.Artemis Anastasiadou, Filmmaker, Greece
27.Artur Matuck, Brasil
28.Aseel Nasir Dyck, USA
29.Athir Shayota, Artist, Iraq/USA
30.Ayben Altunç, Filmmaker, Turkey
31.Aycin Mazgit,Turkey
32.Bahriye Kabadayi, Director/Asst. Dir., Turkey
33.Barbara Nimri Aziz, Writer/Radio producer, USA
34.Beth Mahmoud-Howell, Artist/ Interior Designer, USA
35.Bilal Zaiter, Communication Consultant
36.Bilge Diren Güneş, Photograph, Turkey
37.Bingöl Elmas, Filmmaker, Turkey
38.Birsen Canbaz, Turkey
39.Boo Wallin, Musician, UK
40.Brian Johnston, School of Drama,Carnegie Mellon University, USA
41.Brian Tierney, Writer, USA
42.Brian Wood, Writer
43.British Committee for Justice in Palestine (BCJP), UK
44.Bulent Arinli, Filmmaker, Turkey
45.Caglar Ozdemiroglu,Turkey
46.Carmen Emilia Jacir, Chile
47.Carolina Rivas, Filmmaker, Mexico
48.Cengiz Kılçer, Poet, Turkey
49.Chris Thomas, Director/ Producer, UK
50.Christine Fye, Filmmaker/Writer/Artist, USA
51.Christine Tackley, Writer, Canada
52.Corine Dhondee Filmmaker England
53.Critical Art Ensemble, Artist Collective, USA
54.Csaba Polony, Artist/ Editor/Publisher, USA
55.Cynthia Madansky, Filmmaker, USA
56.Daniel Künzi, Filmmaker, Switzerland
57.Daoud Sarhandi, Filmmaker, Mexico
58.Dare Dukes, Writer, USA
59.David Farrelly, Poet, Mexico
60.David Vogt, Musician, Norway
61.Deborah Al-Najjar, Writer
62.Debra Zimmerman, Women Make Movies, USA
63.Deirdre Scully, Costumer/ Stylist, USA
64.Denisse Andrade, Mediamaker, USA
65.Deniz Kana, Filmmaker, Turkey
66.Diana El Jeiroudi, Producer/ Director, Syria
67.Dina Redman, Assistant Professor/Artist, USA
68.Dominique George, USA
69.Donna Wallach, USA
70.Douglas Minkler, Artist, USA
71.Dr Vikas Bajpai, India
72.Dr. Giovanna Benedetti, Writer, Panama
73.Dr. Harold Knight, Music Director,USA
74.Dr. P.K.Pokker, India
75.Dr.Herman De Ley, Belgium
76.Ebru Seremetli, Asistant Director, Turkey
77.Eleni Laperi, Artist, Albania
78.Eli Hamo, Filmmaker, Israel
79.Elle Flanders, Filmmaker, Canada
80.Els Roessingh, Cultural Tour Operator, Netherlands
81.Eman Haddad, Palestine
82.Emel Celebi, Editor, Turkey
83.Emel Koç, Writer, Turkey
84.Emma Manning, Dance writer/ Editor, London UK,
85.Enis Riza, Director, Turkey
86.Eric William Ringsby, Filmmaker, USA
87.Erik Hillestad, Music Producer, Norway
88.Esra Ersen, Artist, Turkey
89.Esra Kahraman,Turkey
90.Ettore Stratta, Conductor/ Producer, Italy
91.Evren Aydın, Web Designer, Turkey
92.Excentrik, Musician/Poet
93.Fabiola Nabil Naguib, Artist/ Writer, Canada
94.Fareea Dangor, South Africa
95.Filiz Ultav Cakir, Turkey
96.Firuz Kutal, Graphic designer/ Animator, Norway
97.Frederic Choffat, Filmmaker, Switzerland
98.Fredwreck Farid Nassar, Record Producer, USA
99.Gert Soer, Jordan
100.Ghalia Mohder, USA
101.Ginger Parra, USA
102.Gita Hashemi, Artist, Canada
103.Giulia Grassilli, Human Rights Nights, Italy.
104.Gökhan Erkut, Filmmaker,Turkey
105.Gonzalo Pinto, Artist/ Photographer, Chile
106.Gregory Berger, Filmmaker
107.Gustave Weltsek, Arts Educator, Canada
108.Guzella Bayindir, Nazim Hikmet Cultural House,Turkey
109.Hadi El Debek, Artist ,USA
110.Haifa Bint-Kadi, Mosaic Artist, USA
111.Haifa Zangana, Novelist/ Artist
112.Hakan Bulut, Photographer, Turkey
113.Hamied Oqabi, Filmmaker, Yemen
114.Hamra Abbas, Artist, Pakistan
115.Hanan Thabet, Egypt/ Palestine/ USA
116.Hans Noll, USA
117.Hayam Noir, Poet/ Artist/ Writer, United States
118.Hekim Coşkun, Turkey
119.Henry Chalfant, Filmmaker, USA
120.Hilda Meers, Writer, Scotland
121.Honey Al Sayed, Radio Broadcaster
122.Huda Siksek, Artist, Canada
123.Huseyin Kuzu, Screenwriter, Turkey
124.Hyder Yusafzai, Pakistan
125.Irene veenstra, Art Historian, Netherlands
126.Iron Sheik, Hip Hop Artist, USA
127.Isik Ezber, Publisher, Turkey
128.Isis Saratial Misdary, Theatre Director, Egypt/USA
129.Islam el Azzazi, filmmaker, Egypt
130.Jae Soo Lee, Filmmaker, Korea
131.Jamelie Hassan, Artist, Canada
132.James Scully, Poet/Writer, USA
133.Jana Traboulsi, Graphic Designer, Lebanon
134.Janet Baus, filmmaker, USA
135.Jawad Metni, Filmmaker
136.Jayce Salloum, Artist, Canada
137.Jeff Sacks, Writer/translator, USA
138.Jenifer Dixon, Writer, USA
139.Jeremy Pikser, Screenwriter, USA
140.Joe Namy, USA
141.John Chalcraft, Writer, UK
142.John Wight, Scotland
143.Johnny McAllister, Filmmaker, Ireland
144.Jordan Flaherty, Writer/ Filmmaker, USA
145.Jorge Coronado, USA
146.Josh On, Internet Artist, USA
147.Joslyn Barnes, Writer/Producer, USA
148.Judy Keller, USA
149.Julian Samuel, Filmmaker, Canada
150.Juliana Saad, Writer/ Translator, Brazil
151.Kais Al-Zubaidi, Filmmaker, Syria
152.Karim Haddad , Composer, Lebanon
153.Kathleen Chalfant, Actor, USA
154.Keith Hammond, Philosopher, UK
155.Ken Loach, Filmmaker, UK
156.Kevin Noble, Culture/ Conflict Group, USA
157.Khaled d. Ramadan, Filmmaker/ Video Maker, Lebanon/ Denmark
158.Khalo Matabane, Filmmaker, South Africa
159.Koen Augustijnen, Choreographer, Belgium
160.Koen Verbesselt, Belgium
161.Kolin Kobayashi, Artist/ Videomaker/ Writer, France
162.Kristen Ess, Writer and Filmmaker
163.Laura Marks, Writer, Canada
164.Leigh Brady, Ireland
165.Leonid Alexeienko, Singer/ song writer, Ukraine
166.Liz Magnes, Independent musician
167.Lucia Sommer, Artist, USA
168.Luma Abu Ayyash, USA
169.Maggie Foyer, Dancer/ Writer, UK/ South Africa
170.Mahmoud A. El Lozy, Theatre Director, Egypt
171.Mahmoud Hojeij, Filmmaker, Lebanon
172.Mahnoor Yar Khan, Drama Therapist, India
173.Mais Darwazah, Graphic Designer/Filmmaker, Jordan
174.Manish Jain, filmmaker, India
175.Marco Paulo Rolla, Artist, Brasil
176.Marcos Hill, Art historian, Brasil
177.Marieke Bosman, UK
178.Marina Crespin, Filmmaker,Turkey
179.Mary Ellen Davis, Filmmaker, Canada
180.Mary Tuma, Artist, USA
181.Mat Callahan, Musician/ Author, USA/ Switzerland
182.May Odeh, Palestine
183.Maymanah Farhat, Art historian, Lebanon/USA
184.Maysoon Pachachi, Filmmaker, UK
185.Mayss Al Zou\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'bi.
186.Me Young, Filmmaker, South Korea
187.Mehmet Sønmez, Turkey
188.Melek Ozman, Filmmaker, Turkey
189.Melissa Herman, Filmmaker, UK
190.Merdad Antoine Hage. Filmmaker, Canada.
191.Merdad Hage, Filmmaker, Canada
192.Miacarla Stevens, South Africa
193.Michel Moushabeck, Editor, Musician, USA
194.Milli Martinelli, Italy
195.Mira Hashem, Palestine
196.Mizuko Yakuwa, Artist, Japan
197.Mo\'tasem Raiq Zayed, Palestine
198.Moe Seager, Writer, France/ USA
199.Mohamad Hashem, Beirut International Film Festival, Lebanon
200.Mohamed Al-Daradji, Director/Producer, Iraq/UK
201.Mona Abaza, Egypt
202.Mona Baker, UK
203.Mona El-Bayoumi, Artist, Egypt/USA
204.Mona Hallak, Lebanon
205.Muhammad-Khalil ibn Abdullah \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"K. Real\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", Rapper/Actor, USA
206.Murat Demirtas, Sculpture, Turkey
207.Mustafa Aykara, Turkey
208.Mustafa Emin Buyukcoskun, Filmmaker, Turkey
209.Mustafa Temiztas, Filmmaker, Turkey
210.Mustafa Yıldırım, Artist, Turkey
211.N.D.Jayaprakash, India.
212.Nabil Shaban, Filmaker/ Actor/ Writer, United Kingdom
213.Nada Shabout, Art historian, USA
214.Nadia El Fani, Filmmaker, Tunisia
215.Nadine Kanso-designer
216.Nadira Peer, Graphic artist/ copywriter, South Africa
217.Nadra Zarifeh, Date Palm Film Festival, New Zealand
218.Naeem Mohaiemen, Filmmaker/Artist, Bangladesh/US
219.Nalan Sakizli, Producer, Turkey
220.Nancy Evans, Musician, UK
221.Natalie Jarudi, Lebanon
222.Nathan Austin, USA
223.Nawel Skandrani, Choreographer, Tunisia
224.Nazly Dangor, South Africa
225.Neery Melkonian, Critic/ Curator, USA
226.Nessa Arif, Indonesia
227.Nial O\' Sullivan, Filmmaker, Ireland.
228.Niam Itani, Screenwriter/ Filmmaker, Lebanon
229.Nicholas Rowe, Writer/ Choreographer, Australia
230.Nicole Aragi, USA
231.Nihad Kresevljakovic, Filmmaker/Writer, Bosnia
232.Nilgün Yurdalan, Turkey
233.Nina Wester, Director/Theatre writer, Norway/Sweden
234.Nitin Paranjape, filmmaker, India
235.Nurdan Arca, Filmmaker, Turkey
236.Nurit Peled-Elhanan, Israel
237.Omer Tuncer, Documentary Director-Producer, Turkey
238.Oraib Toukan, Artist
239.Orwa Hallak, Producer/ Director, UAE
240.Orwa Nyrabia, Proaction Film, Syria
241.Oz Shelach, Writer
242.Ozcan Yurdalan, Turkey
243.P. J. Laska, Poet, USA
244.Pankaj Butalia, Filmmaker, India
245.Pat Philips, Concert Producer, USA
246.Patricia Alessandrini, Composer, France
247.Patricia Barry, USA
248.Peter Belmont, USA
249.Pierre Abi Saab, Lebanon
250.Pierre Toupart, Artist, Mauritania
251.Pieter Van Bogaert, Critic/ Curator, Belgium
252.Pilar Salamanca, Writer, Spain
253.Prof. Bertell Ollman, USA
254.Prof. Dr. Nasr Abu Zayd, The Netherlands
255.Prof. Haim Bresheeth, UK
256.Prof. Said Abdelwahed, Palestine
257.Prof. Steve Kurtz, USA
258.R. Worrell, Artist, USA
259.Rachella Mizrachi, Israel
260.Racia Adar, Assistant Director,Turkey
261.Raed Asfour, AlBalad Theater, Jordan
262.Rajdeep Singh Gill, Curator/ Cultural Theorist, Canada
263.Rajie Cook, Artist, USA
264.Ralph D. Miller, Canada
265.Rami Mufti.
266.Rania Mattini
267.Raphaëlle Vierling, Artist, France
268.Rasha Salti, Curator/ Writer, Palestine/Lebanon
269.Recep Yeter, Photographer, Turkey
270.Reem Saleh, Lebanon/ Qatar
271.Reena Katz, Artisit, Canada
272.Renee Tajima-Peña, Filmmaker, USA
273.Ricardo Lopez, Actor, USA
274.Richard Fung, Video artist/ Academic, Canada
275.Richard Schaaf, Writer/Publisher, USA
276.Roman Vater, Translator, Israel
277.Ronan O\' Suilleabhain, Filmmaker, Ireland
278.Rose Issa, Curator, UK
279.Rowland Selame, Psychologist/ Filmmaker, USA
280.Roza El-Hassan, Artist, Hungary
281.Sahar Nasser, Freelance Producer, Egypt
282.Sally Hibbin, Producer, UK
283.Sama Abu Ayyash, Annual Giving (Museums), USA
284.Samirah Alkassim, Filmmaker, Egypt/Jordan
285.Seda Gürel, Assistant Director,Turkey
286.Sehbal Senyurt, Filmmaker, Turkey
287.Selda Baþusta, Turkey
288.Selda Salman, Executive producer, Turkey
289.Selda Tuncer, Turkey
290.Selva Tachdjian, Artist, France,
291.Semra Sander, Producer, Turkey
292.Şenol Eskin, Turkey
293.Serene Haddad, Photographer, UK
294.Serpil Oztas, Turkey
295.Sevgi Özdemiroğlu, Turkey
296.Sevil Serbes, Poet, Turkey/UK
297.Shammi Nanda, filmmaker, India
298.Sherene Seikaly, USA
299.Sherif El-Azma, Filmmaker/ Video artist, Egypt
300.Sherine Salama,Filmmaker, Palestine/Australia/ Egypt
301.Shilpa Jain, filmmaker, India
302.Shirabe Yamada, Palestine/Japan
303.Shmuel Yerushalmi, Poet, Israel
304.Shuruq As\'ad, Palestine
305.Sibel Ercan, Turkey
306.Sibylle Mansour, Filmmaker, Germany
307.Simon Coveaney, Filmmaker, Ireland
308.Sinan Sakizli, Composer, Turkey
309.Sophie Fiennes, Filmmaker, UK
310.Souhad Rafey, Curator, USA
311.Soydan Kenes, Filmmaker, Nazim Hikmet Cultural House, Turkey
312.Steff Bossert, Director of Photography, Switzerland
313.Stephan Milich, Germany
314.Sulaf Elsalfiti, Canada
315.Sumitra Rajkumar, Filmmaker, India/ USA
316.Sura Faraj, Publisher/Editor, USA
317.Susan Abulhawa, Writer, USA
318.Susan Benn, Performing Arts Labs Ltd, UK
319.Susan Falls, USA
320.Susan Nathan, Author
321.Suzanne Klotz, Artist, US
322.Sylvat Aziz, Canada
323.Tahsin Ýþbilen, Director, Turkey
324.Tami Gold, Filmmaker/ Artist, USA
325.Tarcin Celebi, Turkey
326.Tariq Dajani, Photographer, UK/Sweden
327.Terri Ginsberg, USA
328.Tex Kerschen, USA
329.Thabit Tambwe, Poet, Uganda
330.Tiger TV Collective, USA
331.Tima Al-Jamil, Lebanon
332.Tina Bastajian, Filmmaker, Netherlands
333.Tina Fischer, Artist, Turkey
334.Tina Gharavi, Filmmaker, UK
335.Tülin Erarslan, Filmmaker, Turkey
336.Tuncay Yýlmaz, Turkey
337.Uğur Karaköcek, Turkey
338.Ulku Guney, Turkey
339.Umit Boran, Filmmaker, Turkey
340.Umit Gulsen, Turkey
341.Uri Even-Chen, Israel.
342.Vandecan Myriam, Belgium
343.Varteni Mosditchian, Artist/Painter
344.Vasif Kortun, Curator, Turkey
345.Volkan Kavas, Filmmaker, Turkey
346.Walter Bernstein, Writer/Director, USA
347.Wayne Anthony, Filmmaker, Ireland
348.William Wells, Townhouse Gallery, Egypt
349.Yasin Ali Türkeri, Filmmaker, Turkey
350.Yigit Dogan, Turkey
351.Yücel Ünlü, Filmmaker, Turkey
352.Zaher El-Bizri, Painter/Designer, Lebanon
353.Zehra Güleray, Screenwriter, Turkey
354.Ziad Muna, Palestine
355.Zivia Desai Keiper, Uhuru Productions / Tri Continental Film Festival, South Africa

Source: http://www.pacbi.org/boycott_news_more.php?id=315_0_1_0_C

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"My Father Was A Freedom Fighter - Gaza's Untold Story" (25 Mar 2011)
Women United in the Intifada[2:31:36]
Speakers: Lizzie Cocker, Ewa Jasiewcz, Alaa Kassim, Yvonney Ridley, Isis Amlak, Sukant Chandan, Ramzy Baroud (14 Mar 2011)
George Galloway[1:01:48]
Solidarity with the Middle-East Revolution, support the people - oppose US/UK intervention (SOAS, 11 Mar 2011)
Omar Barghouti[55:08]
BDS Movement co-founder
"Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions" book launch (7 Mar 2011)
Shir Hever[1:49:09]
Alternative Information Centre
The Political Economy of Israel's Occupation, Kings College London (17 Feb 2011)
Why academic boycott of Israel[1:29:37]
Speakers: Mohammed Abuabdou(PSCABI), Mike Cushman(BRICUP), Jodey McIntyre(activist) (8 Feb 2011)
Dashed Hopes - Gaza Blockade[1:23:08]
Mohammed-Ali Abu Najela (Oxfam), Andrea Becker (MAP), Ewa Jasiewicz (Free Gaza Movement) (1 Feb 2011)
Jordan Valley: Apartheid[1:17:12]
Sarah Cobham(Brighton Jordan Valley Solidarity), Chris Osmond (Corporate Watch) (House of Commons, 1 Feb 2011)
Dump Veolia Demo[7:00]
Protesting at settlement supporter Veolia's sponsership of exhibit at the Natural History Museum (23 Oct 2010)
Boycott Israeli Dates [1/2][9:11]
Are you financing Israels brutal occupation this Ramadan?
Boycott Israeli Dates [2/2][9:05]
Are you financing Israels brutal occupation this Ramadan?
Lee Jasper [1/2][10:13]
[4 of 8] Genocide Memorial Day 2010 Session One, 17-1-2010
Lee Jasper [2/2][9:51]
[5 of 8] Genocide Memorial Day 2010 Session One, 17-1-2010
One Oppressor One Bullet[8:11]
Imam Achmad Cassiem, veteran of the armed struggle against apartheid in South Africa, speaks at the StW rally (London, 19 Feb 2005)
Salwa Alenat [1/2][9:56]
KavLaOved (Workers Rights hotline)
[1 of 8] Israel's Occupation - Abuse of Palestinian Workers (LSE 19 Nov 2009)
Salwa Alenat [2/2][8:57]
KavLaOved (Workers Rights hotline)
[2 of 8] Israel's Occupation - Abuse of Palestinian Workers (LSE 19 Nov 2009)
For Anwar [1of2][10:01]
Carmel Agrexco Valentines Action 7 Feb 2009
For Anwar [2of2][9:56]
Carmel Agrexco Valentines Action 7 Feb 2009
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"The United States is 4.6% of the worlds people but still controls 50% of the worlds wealth and has a military that spends more than every other country in the world combined. I see this moment, as a moment that is very dangerous.. which is to say that the United States is a declining world economic power, similarly a declining political power, but what isn't declining is the military power. As you know from the 20th century that's a dangerous combination - a declining economic and political power but an overwhelmingly dominant military power. I think the national security state that we've seen organised since 9-11 in an unbelievably rapid way, which owes in no small part to Israel I must say, is a particular [example]."
A founding member of the Weather Underground
Meeting with members of 'Smash EDO' in Tel Aviv, April 2010 [88min / 40Mb]
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