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Scandal of Zionist funding of Britain's Labour Party

Gilad Atzmon
5 December 2007

Commenting on the scandal of illegal donations to the British Labour Party involving Israel lobbyists, Gilad Atzmon wonders why the British media dare not ask what these lobbyists are trying to achieve and whose money they are using: their own or that of “friends” in the Israeli embassy or another Zionist apparatus.

On the afternoon of 29 November 2007, Gordon Brown learned that he was to become only the second sitting British prime minister to be subjected to a police investigation.

This is happening less than six months after Tony Blair had left Downing Street under the heavy cloud of a police probe into the “cash for honours” affair.

For Blair it was the No. 1 Labour fundraiser, the Zionist Lord Levy, who got him into serious trouble; for Brown it is .. David Abrahams, just another “Friend of Israel” and a provincial chairman of Jewish Labour, who may be the one to finish off his political career.

Once again, the Labour Party had to admit that it erred by accepting donations from dubious sources. '”The money was not lawfully declared, so it will be returned,” the prime minister said, after the disclosure that Labour had benefited to the tune of more than 600,000 pounds sterling from a bizarre funding scheme arranged by David Abrahams, an eccentric property tycoon who decided to donate his money by proxy.

Apparently, Lord Levy and David Abrahams were not alone in dragging Labour towards yet another political disaster. The third corner in this disastrous triangle is Jon Mendelsohn, a man who grasps the power of money and politics. Mendelsohn, a former chairman of Labour Friends of Israel, is the current chief fundraiser of the Labour Party.

Seemingly and shamefully, the Labour Party did not learn its lesson following the Lord Levy “cash for honours” scandal. Once again, it let the supporters of Israel take care of its material needs.

I find myself wondering how come Labour is so heavily entangled with those “Friends of Israel”? However, the most crucial issue here is actually the fact that not a single British media outlet dares to ask the most important questions: what is this cabal of self-declared “Friends of Israel” trying to achieve by pouring money into political parties? What is it that it is trying to buy? Where is the money coming from? Is it their own money or is it delivered by their “friends” in the Israeli embassy or another Zionist apparatus?

British society is a multicultural society. This means that very many people of different ethnic and racial origins live together in peace and mutual respect. This is probably the greatest asset that British culture can offer momentarily: a multiethnic society made up of communities of people who treat each other with respect and tolerance. Many British Jews benefit and contribute to the multiethnic British society. However, within the liberal multicultural discourse it is “politically incorrect” to associate ethnicity and unlawful acts, something that our “Friends of Israel” and “Jewish Labour” exploit beyond belief. Although they operate as an ethnic lobby, promoting some radical, exclusive Jewish national interests, they wouldn’t like to be exposed as such, definitely not in reference to those of their activities that are clearly unlawful.

A quick glance into the ideological fundaments of the “Labour Friend of Israel” makes it clear that we are dealing here with an ardent neo-conservative Zionist worldviews: “We are fundamentally sympathetic to Israel’s position as a liberal democracy facing constant security dilemmas and existential threats”. For those who fail to understand, Israel is indeed a democracy as long as you are Jewish. Within the Israeli controlled territories, the vast majority of the Palestinians are not even citizens. Strictly speaking, the “Labour Friends of Israel” “fundamentally” supports an apartheid racist Jewish state, i.e. Israel. If this is not bad enough, they do just that at the heart of British politics. Moreover, they do just that without even respecting elementary British ethical political norms.

Within British multiculturalism, no one in Britain dares to question the clear cabal of Zionists who were fully engaged in transforming British politics into an internal Zionist affair. The British media are fully aware of the complications that come with those “Friends of Israel” and their “fundamental sympathy”, yet, they are filling their mouths with water. Instead of standing up against this dangerous lobby that acts to ally Britain with an apartheid state, they use sticky language, leaving the conclusions to the readers, if they are able to make up their minds on their own. They refer to Jon Mendlesohn’s affiliation to “Labour Friends of Israel”, they refer to David Abraham’s being a “provincial vice-chairman of the Jewish Labour Movement”.

I think that the British media should be brave enough to stand up and report that there is an Israeli lobby in Britain acting under the name of “Jewish Labour” as well as “Labour Friends of Israel”. They should be courageous enough to point out that there is no German lobby in Britain acting under the name “Aryan Labour” operating as well as “Friends of Germany”. Nor is there a “Black Labour” organization also lobbying as the “Friends of Zimbabwe”. Seemingly, Zionist lobbyists are the only ones who get away with their unique form of “racially orientated” lobbying activity.

Funnily enough, the only press outlet in Britain that was brave enough to confront the garve implications of the current Jewish affair was actually the leading British Jewish weekly, the Jewish Chronicle (JC).

“Fears were growing this week of an anti-Semitic backlash following the latest Labour Party cash scandal involving two prominent Jewish activists,” the JC said in its main article on 30 November.

The JC does realize that the affair would eventually affect the community. Seemingly, the JC does not doubt the truth behind the current revelation. “The two main figures in this week’s controversy are Jon Mendelsohn, the prime minister’s election campaign fundraiser, and property magnate David Abrahams, who is accused of breaking the law by using third parties to disguise donations of 600,000 pounds sterling to Labour,” the JC said.

Yet, being the leading Jewish press outlet and addressing mainly a British Jewish audience, the paper also offers an “Elder-of-Zion”-like pretext just to try to cheer up its readers. There is a “whiff of anti-Semitism about it”, says MP Andrew Dismore to the JC. “People are looking for links to Jewish interests and evidence of a Jewish conspiracy. The press are turning every stone to find one.”

I find myself wondering how the JC can report some clear unlawful conduct in one paragraph and then suggest a “Jewish conspiracy” in the next. For those who do not realize, Abrahams and Mendelsohn are not a hidden conspiracy, their acts have been exposed in broad daylight, they are mainstream news on the front of each paper in this country, they are subject to police scrutiny.

“The Hendon MP said he did not believe the case would have received such intensive coverage if it did not involve Jews. The undercurrent of anti-Semitism is worrying.”

May I assure the ignoramus Hendon MP that an exposed cabal of Saudi businessmen trying to buy a leading British party would get at least as much attention.

Paul Usiskin, another Labour supporter and co-chair of Peace Now UK, said: “It doesn’t do the reputation of people communally linked to Israel any good to find themselves willingly or unwillingly at the centre of matters to do with politics and money.”

Once again, I find myself bewildered, this Usiskin sees things through, yet he himself is involved in some Judaeo- centric political activity as a lobbyer for the Zionist Peace Now UK.

“I hope”, adds Usiskin, “that in contrast to previous issues of this kind, people do not link historical relations between Jews and financial affairs.”

And I find myself wondering, again, why shouldn’t they? In fact, every British citizen in general and British Jews in particular must reflect precisely about that because this is the crux of the issue.

Jon Benjamin, the chief executive of the notorious Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Jewish lobby that recently tried to shatter the career of the democratically elected Mayor of London, was there to say: “[T]here is wide concern in this story and clearly there is a potential for it to turn against us. We have been there before.”

For a change, I agree with Jon Benjamin. Indeed you had been there before and more than once. Yet, somehow, you never learn your lesson.

Gilad Atzmon is an Israeli-born musician, writer and anti-racism campaigner.

Source: http://www.redress.cc/global/gatzmon20071205

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